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investor program

Invest and become a part of shaping a safer, more secure global digital landscape.

Partnership Program

We partner with those who share our mission of fostering a safer global digital landscape.
Fourth Command is on the prowl for partners who are hungry for quick, high margin, renewable deals. Fourth Command solutions cover a 360 degree approach that your customers will need for ongoing cyber defense strategy and operations.

Our Unique portfolio is not security product or commodity centric. We offer end to end Cyber Defense, empowering customers to focus on what matters, and bring the power of Fourth Command to your business.

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Startup Program

Our mission, quite simply, is to help startups succeed. That’s why we incorporate multiple Cyber Security Startups in our Strategic Consulting and Managed Services Projects. Projects are platforms to build and re-invest in research and customize offerings for clients.

We provide go-to-market support, and sales enablement to empower your startup.

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Short sales cycle

Rapidly growing market - CaGR >%60

End to end coverage training, marketing and sales

Access to Fourth Command Knowledge Base containing marketing and technical content.

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*To qualify for a T-shirt, You should be directly responsible for cyber security in your enterprise