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Security Architecture as a Managed Service

Your security is our passion! We secure Enterprise Digital Design: Black Panthers is the Region’s First Security Architecture as a Service. Partner with us.
The information security architecture is an integral part of the organization’s enterprise architecture. It represents that portion of the enterprise architecture specifically addressing information system resilience and providing architectural information for the implementation of security capabilities. The primary purpose of the information security architecture is to ensure that mission/business process-driven information security requirements are consistently and cost-effectively achieved in organizational information systems and the environments in which those systems operate consistent with the organizational risk management strategy.
A client owns its Security Solution product and implements Security Technology that aligns with the strategic Enterprise architecture – supporting the business. Security Technology Vendors are best known to fit their products in your architecture, but take least interest of supporting enterprise architecture’s on a holistic level. They are driven by sales, leaving gaps on optimizing architecture and assembled security efforts. Fourth Command empowers and partners on your cyber defense journey, we live and lead Enterprise architecture strategy.

Zero Trust Architecture Service Models

Zero Trust is a strategic approach to cybersecurity that secures an organization by eliminating implicit trust and continuously validating every stage of a digital interaction. Rooted in the principle of “never trust, always verify,” Zero Trust is designed to protect modern environments and enable digital transformation by using strong authentication methods, leveraging network segmentation, preventing lateral movement, providing Layer 7 threat prevention, and simplifying granular, “least access” policies.


Risk and Compliance Services

This Fourth Command services helps Identify and manage relevant cyber risks to enable effective, risk-based decision-making for your business

Cyber Security Program Assessment

Security Program Assessment provides an independent maturity assessment of your organization’s cyber security program across four core critical areas: security governance, security architecture, cyber defense and security risk management. After an in-depth, collaborative analysis of your existing program, we provide best practice recommendations to improve your security posture based on your specific risk profile and level of security maturity.

Cyber Risk Management Operations

Cyber Risk Management Operations Services helps your organization design solutions, improve capabilities and implement operational capacity to drive real-world risk mitigation practices at scale. This service helps to build your cyber risk management program from the ground up or enhance the operations of your existing program.

Crown Jewels Assessment

While security conscious leaders have realized that prioritizing their crown jewels (assets and information that matter most to the business and its customers) helps to strengthen security program capabilities they cannot consistently enumerate which assets would be most attractive to attackers. Fourth Command Knights Unit help identify your organization’s crown jewels and produce a custom asset risk profile from both informational and systemic viewpoints. Our experts also provide a focused roadmap so you can better protect your organization’s critical assets.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Threat and Vulnerability Management service helps organizations adopt highly effective vulnerability management practices that mitigate harmful cyber risks and reduce the impact of security incidents. Our experts can help you build or improve your vulnerability management program and map it directly to your organization’s strategic objectives. You can shift from a reactive posture to a proactive program that uses a risk-based approach to quickly identify vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to your specific organization and ensure a continuous, long-term operations.

Threat Modelling Security Service

Threat Modeling Security Service evaluates your organization’s security controls and uncovers attacker behaviors to reveal unknown risks and vulnerabilities within existing and proposed systems including software applications, business processes and operational networks. This dynamic model of attack and defense scenarios delivers a unique view of underlying system controls to understand risks and vulnerabilities before they proliferate and increase an organization’s attack surface. Our experts provide best practices for security coding, defense tactics and risk-based decision making to enhance the security posture of your entire organization, not just your security program.

Risk Framework Implementation Services

Ensure your enterprise complies with specific regulations and security standards across the globe by working with our security experts to mitigate risks.

  • PCI DSS Assessments
  • ISO27001 Assessments
  • DESC Assessments
  • CIS
  • Cloud Security Alliance and
  • Cloud Controls Matrix
  • CMMC
  • NIST
  • IEC 62443
  • SAMA


Cloud Security Assessments

Evaluate your cloud environment to improve and strengthen your cyber security defences. 

Cloud Architecture and Security Assessments

Azure, AWS and GCP

Cloud Architecture and Security Assessment evaluates your current security state and recommends hardening priorities for assets on the most popular cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. This assessment helps your organization understand the threats and security controls unique to your specific cloud environment, hardens the environment against targeted threats, and improves your ability to detect, investigate and respond to attacker activity across all phases of the attack lifecycle.

These services are designed for organizations using cloud service providers that support an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS) model. These models rely on shared responsibilities between the cloud service provider and the customer to protect against cyber incidents. Our assessment focuses on the customer responsibilities that will strengthen their security posture.

Microsoft Office 365 Assessment

With the transition to the cloud, there is a notable rise in security incidents involving cloud platforms and services. Microsoft 365 is highly targeted due to its popularity and the valuable hosted data. Compromising Microsoft 365 tenants allows attackers to remotely access sensitive data in the cloud without having to penetrate the corporate perimeter.

Threat actors can access Microsoft 365 tenants by exploiting or compromising: • Weak or legacy authentication mechanisms
• Security controls which have not been optimally configured
• Accounts with privileged access levels
• Accounts with weak passwords or those that do not require multifactor authentication

Cloud Penetration Testing

The growing migration to cloud-hosted environments requires organizations to have a mature cloud security posture. Many security-conscious organizations are looking to assess their cloud risks, evaluate cloud threats and validate their cloud technology controls. Fourth Command experts have seen a significant increase in cloud-related incident response engagements over the last year, both private and public. The demand for cloud security services is rising in lockstep with the expanded attack surface. Our experts perform simulated attacks in your environment that mirror attack behaviors’ seen on the frontlines of recent incident response investigations.