About us

Fourth Command

Fourth Command is a next generation Cyber Defense Consultancy, embracing cutting edge technology, modern tools and industry’s best practices to provide businesses with highly tailored cyber security and risk management solutions empowering them to create a robust, secure, and trustworthy digital footprint; thereby inspiring a brand their customers can trust.

We are fully committed and driven to bring solutions that our clients need, to meet or even exceed their business objectives. We work with companies in every sector to protect them from cyber-attacks.

Today, Cyber Defense has become the fourth command for every nation, enterprise and for its people

Our Joint Vision

Let’s copilot your cyber defense strategy

Cyber threats and attacks are becoming more common, sophisticated and damaging. Enterprises are faced with an evolving complex threat environment. State and non-state actors can use cyber-attacks in the context to disrupt business functions. Fourth Command co-pilots a strong and resilient cyber defense strategy to fulfil the Enterprise’s core tasks of collective defense, crisis management and cooperative security. 

Your Enterprise needs to be prepared to defend all business assets, partner with Fourth Command!


Our Founder created the most successful Cyber Security Strategy & Professional services brand 971Falcons earlier with Large System Integration Group and was ranked by IDC as one of top local Cyber Defense Professional Services Team in 2020.

our Approach

Excellent Service

We strive to continually deliver the highest standards of customer support and exceed expectations.

Always on guard

We harness the latest cyber-defencesive intelligence to help identify and address security risks sooner.

Result Oriented

We work closely with our clients to better understand and address thier needs.

Vendor agnostic

We're not constrained by one set of technologies so select the best tools for each other client.